Convert More Leads & Sales: Why and How to Invest In Content Marketing

A company that doesn’t publish new stuff is dying.

It’s basically saying that nothing is going on, nothing newsworthy. They’re not growing so they’re probably dying. That’s what your prospects think.

I asked a friend of mine about investing in an app… they commented on how they’re concerned because the company is failing to publish new content.

If you’re not doing content marketing yet then your prospects are going to your competitors instead. Regardless if your product is way better. It’s just because your competitors publish as often as a 16-year-old on Instagram.

If you’re doing it already, do more of what works. Don’t leave money on the table. Get help to produce more of your effective content projects.


Your understanding of who the audience is, their hopes and dreams, and where they hang out…

That is the foundation of all your content.

These are the people you are writing the content for. You don’t just write content out of a whim. You know your target persona and the content is for them.

You want to educate and show that you have the solution for their needs. Eventually, your content would want them to take action. Clicking on a CTA link means that they are interested and want to know more.

Content. Interested customers. Call to action. Direct response such as buying or availing of a service or product. That’s the correct process.



Valuable content is meant to attract, acquire and engage a defined target audience. Your target persona.


Your content is like a magnet. It attracts your target persona to your site. By creating interesting content, you not only attract people, you also establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

More content will allow your brand to surface whenever your prospects are searching and browsing. They could be scrolling down their Facebook feed. They might be searching for a YouTube video. They might be Googling for a solution to their painful personal problem.

The more content you publish, the more likely your brand will be visible when your prospects are discovering what to buy.


With great content, your prospects are more likely to give your their email address or credit card details.

Publishing content often is a sign of life. This inspires your audience to be confident that you’ll be around and product development is active. The mere fact that you’re producing more content increases conversions due to that sign.

Also make sure that you’re creating convincing content. It’s not all about quantity. It could be counter-intuitive but even your sales materials are “content.” You’re applying the same principles on your homepage, product pages, blog post, or tips on social media.


When you provide value, you get loyal customers who will keep on coming back for more. Not just for the content, but for the product or service you are offering. This is what call to actions on content are for, engaging people to know more and dig deeper.

Build more content that begs for audience participation. Ask them questions. Start discussions about their favorite topics.

Keeping your audience engaged with content keeps their credit cards engaged as well.

Watch this video on how Boxy went from traditional marketing to content marketing to drive more sales:


Today, content marketing for business is only becoming more valuable. In fact, experts at Convince and Convert have already shared 5 interesting predictions for marketing content this 2017:

1. More creative content.

Images, infographics reign supreme to add flavor to the written content.

2. More niche focused.

Serving smaller interest groups. Better start small and be heard.

3. More videos.

“74 percent of all traffic will be video in 2017”. Video equals high ROI.

4. More content marketing than advertising.

Allot more budget on content rather than ads.

5. More retention.

Consistent engagement and focus on existing audiences.


You should do content marketing if you want to achieve the following:

  • Always keep your website fresh and not withering away.
  • Boost potential customer’s awareness about what you are offering.
  • Be identified as an authority that people can trust.
  • You want customers to start taking action.
  • Drive more and new people to your site.


Here are some well-known sites that are crushing it with branding, thought leadership and lead generation using content marketing:


They currently run 3 blogs:

And they’re about to launch “Happiness,” a new blog on customer service.

Enough said.


Hubspot has a Marketing and Sales blog. They also have this Library, which collects landing pages that have their own lead magnets.

On top of that is the their Marketing Education | HubSpot Academy. Free courses and certification. Those who get certified spread the word about Hubspot by embedding the certification badge.


Started by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah, their blog ranks highly on Google. They have lots of webinars and “Marketing Guides.” The guides are a collection of heavily optimized landing pages about different niche topics.

Aside from KISSMetrics, Neil Patel and Hiten Shah’s other ventures are QuickSprout, HelloBar, and CrazyEgg. Each of these sites also has killer contents.


Their blog, Signal v. Noise, is a household name.

Basecamp people are serious thought leaders and not just in technology. Their books are huge hits. They published 3 so far, mostly under the topic of productive team work.

Rainmaker Digital

Brian Clark, of the “Rainmaker” brand, is among the earliest leaders of Content Marketing over at Copyblogger.

The content website turned into a technology company by merging with Premium WordPress Themes pioneer StudioPress. Today, they focus more on their SaaS products the Rainmaker Platform and StudioPress Sites.

In other words, a humble content website gave birth to a software empire.


Take it from those who are successfully taking advantage of content marketing to grow their business. Their site don’t wither away. They keep their site fresh with new content. Not just any content but content catered for their target persona.

1 parting piece of advice: define your persona before writing the content for them. It’s the only way your content marketing will be effective. More on this later!

Start investing more in customer acquisition with effective Content Marketing!


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