Business Blogging: Why You Should Keep Publishing

You keep hearing that business blogging is great.

Your business does not regularly publish articles at the moment.

What do you do?

There’s always a new buzzword about hacking your marketing. Sometimes, useful. Often, confusing. What do you make of blogging, SEO, inbound marketing, social media marketing, and so on?

Okay, there are some timeless principles. For one, you know that you should publish.

If we look at your favorite brands… If we look at your browser history, we’ll see that you’re naturally consuming content from those who publish often.

Let’s explore one thing that these influential brands have in common.

Why is business blogging important? Isn’t this for teenagers talking about movies?

Branding and Control

Business blogging is about your evolving business and your ability to do things based on your objectives.


A company is an evolving opinion. The same goes for a product line or even an individual product.

If we were to look at the traditional website structures, you’ll find that there are two types of “articles”:

  1. Pages
  2. Posts

Pages are important for your brand. These are (semi)permanent places that your prospects and customers would keep referring to. This includes your Homepage, About Us page, Product Detail Page, and so on.

What makes posts so different from pages?

A post, in traditional CMS language, is yet another article under your never ending feed.

This simple technical structure gives you freedom and flexibility. It breaks you free from thinking about fitting an article within your website’s map. It’s just an opinion that you’re sharing today, regardless of how it works as a sub-page of another article.

Here’s the important thing: business blogging allow your brand to grow.

Permanent pages like your homepage feel like they’re set in stone. There’s only one, carefully written version at any given time.

A blog post, on the other hand, is just a constant stream of where your brand is at. What’s funny is your article this month can be contrary to what you said last year!

3 reasons why business blogging is important for your branding

  1. Upgrading your opinion
  2. Evolving with the market
  3. Shows a sign of life

1. Upgrading your opinion.

A company grows and finds out that there’s a better way of doing things.

The same goes for products. My friend Hitesh Mistry said that software products are never finished. There’s always a better version.

If a business, product, or company feels there’s no room for improvement, that’s proof of the “Fixed Mindset.” According to bestselling author Carol Dweck, that denies the potential for growth.

2. Evolving with the market.
Buzzwords affect the market. For example, we frequently talk about “Content Marketing” at at the moment. That’s because of the market’s understanding.

We’d like to position ourselves more around “storytelling,” but that’s not the usual keyword that our prospects would search for. We can’t get our foot in the door if we started with a concept that the market doesn’t currently demand.

Even marketing evolves. People used to discover new products through social networks that are already dead at this point. We used to pay more attention to TV ads. Attention shifts and we should keep publishing in a way that shifts with it.

3. Shows a sign of life
Okay, why do you Tweet? Why are you posting on Facebook? Why post videos and photos on Snapchat?

Things happen. People stay tuned to news. People pay attention to movement.

If you have nothing new to share, you’re probably not alive.

Your prospects would think you’re dead.

If you’re not proud of your recent discoveries or product development, there must be nothing new that’s worth sharing. People wouldn’t want to do business with you.

Some more reasons why you should start building your brand with business blogging:


Facebook wants you to behave a certain way. Google Search rewards you if you behave a certain way.

Newer channels like Medium will reward you if you do certain things on their publishing platform. They want you to be aligned to their Venture Capital and other strategic pressures.

Often, what’s best for your business isn’t what these discovery channels want. You want the flexibility that your own website will provide you.

Let’s talk about survival. As mentioned, your prospects & customers used to discover products through different channels in the past.

If we look at what’s happening to Tumblr or what happened to MySpace… how do you build an independent source of attention?

Your own website survives as long as your business is alive. To make sure that your site is not withering its way to dying, here are 20 quick tips to make business blogging easy for you:

Over to You

Do you believe that…

  1. Your business should keep publishing
  2. You need independent control over your communication with your prospects & customers

Do you?

If so, that’s what business blogging is about. It allows you to keep publishing your evolving opinions on your own platform.

To wrap up, here are 3 reasons why you should keep your blog alive:

Your next action is pretty simple: determine how often you should publish.

I recommend showing a steady rhythm for your blog, at least one quality post per month.

Remember: you keep your blog lively to keep everyone’s perception of your business to be lively… including your own perception!