Make ‘Em Stick: 3 Ways to Turn Website Visitors into Leads

We work hard for these two things:

  • Driving website traffic
  • Building great lead magnet offers

These two things fail because of a theme: our website visitors would drop by once and never go back. Ever.

Does this happen to you?

Of course. Unless you’re a big brand like Facebook, Reddit, or Amazon; the majority of your visitors would pass through your website once and never get in touch with you again. Ouch. But that’s the reality.

It’s a numbers game. We try to drive more traffic, so more of the visitors will end up getting in touch.

Let’s look at a key bottleneck: getting your new website visitors to leave their contact information.

You could be investing so much on SEO, podcasting, social media marketing, or whatever it might be… only to lose the relationship that you aimed to start with new audiences.

Today, we’ll talk about solving this problem.

How? We’ll promote your lead magnet offers to your website visitors…

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Turn Visitors into Leads: 3 Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet

Folks might discover your website because they:

Found your content on social

Typed in your homepage URL

Landed via Google Search

Typically, they enter through an educational page.

They’re not going straight to a sales or opt-in squeeze page.

Now, if folks land on your website, that’s a great opportunity.

They already decided to click your brand on Google.

They did not just find your profile on Twitter or Facebook. More than just seeing your photo on Instagram.

This is your space. They see your logo on top.

The visitor is in your digital living room.

Now that they visited, how do you make sure that they somehow return later?

Most of your visitors would drop by just once, right?

They’ll skim through a blog post then they’re gone forever.

You want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Capture the lead’s contact details.

How do you get your website audience to fill your forms?

How do you keep in touch with website visitors?

That’s what we’ll tackle today!

Stay alert! You will get 3 actionable tips in the end.

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Let’s discuss 3 of the web’s most popular resources on this topic!

32 Easy Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet

The Ultimate Exit Intent Guide To Convert Abandoning Visitors

How To Boost Conversions by 785% in One Day (The Content Upgrade)

Story #1: 32 Easy Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet

Here’s a great summary by Angela Grover!

She lists these places where you can promote your lead magnet:



Social media


Face-to-face events

For your website and blog, you may look at the following:


Landing pages

Thank You pages

Blog posts

Blog index page

Sometimes, you can land traffic straight to your opt-in landing pages.

Often, visitors head first towards pages where you provide educational and inspiring content.

Whenever that happens, you want to present the opportunity to keep in touch by adding a call-to-action to your educational pages.

Your 5-Minute Tip: Check your homepage’s CTA

Look at your general brand positioning.

See how it relates to your main CTA

Whenever visitors land on your homepage, is your opt-in form prominent?

Make sure you always have a good understanding of what opt-in incentive you’re promoting.

Assessing your homepage is a great opportunity here. This page gets all sorts of traffic.

From returning visitors to strangers.

Different groups may also be interested in different offerings that you have.

By understanding what CTA you put on your homepage, you get to review your brand and optimize for conversions.

This is a chance to look at your product portfolio.

Story #2: The Ultimate Exit Intent Guide To Convert Abandoning Visitors

Emil Kristensen of Sleeknote shares a great guide here.

Are you familiar with “Exit Intent?”

This technology is about understanding a website visitor’s behavior.

Based on how they navigate through the website, the algorithm senses that a visitor is about to leave.

For one, the mouse could be reaching for the X button to close the browser tab.

Exit Intent popups tries to rescue your engagement as you are about to abandon a website.

Emil outlines the following ways to use an Exit Intent CTA:

Cart abandonment


Newsletter sign-ups

Showing popular products

Contact forms

This is a great way to think about recovering from abandonment intent.

It’s also a great list of how to get in touch with your website visitors. It’s not always in the form of a registration or a lead magnet download.

You may survey them about their experience or surface your best offers.

The key here is to present a CTA right when the visitor is about to abandon the site.

Your 5-Minute Tip: Brainstorm Exit intent offers

List possible ways that you can engage a visitor who is engaging

Perhaps, you can present your best-seller when they’re about to leave?

Why not ask them to drop a message before they go?

Maybe, you can survey your visitors about their experience and why they haven’t found what they needed today.

Story #3: How To Boost Conversions by 785% in One Day (The Content Upgrade)

Yet another excellent piece by the great Brian Dean.

The Content Upgrade is one of my favorite ways to ask for opt-ins.

I love relevance.

Instead of distracting our website visitors, we ask them to dive deeper into the topic that they’re checking out.

No one wants yet another “Free Report”

The Content Upgrade is about getting a freebie that levels up the advice they’re getting today.

Brian suggests these steps:

Step 1: Find a high-traffic page on your site

Step 2: Identify a resource that would make the content better

Step 3: Create that resource

Step 4: Add the resource to your site

Step 5: Get more email subscribers

Maybe, it’s a video tutorial related to a blog post.

Maybe, it’s a clickable checklist based on the tips you enumerated.

The idea is clear: maximize your best-performing content by offering a gift that allows them to move forward with your advice.

Your 5-Minute Tip: List your most popular blog posts

From there, you may generate opt-in ideas

Select the ones relevant to the offerings you’re promoting today

For example, if you’re promoting your app analytics solution, choose a corresponding blog post and craft a relevant opt-in gift.

Alright! There you have it!

Let’s do a recap of the 5-minute tips!

Check your homepage’s CTA

Brainstorm Exit Intent offers

List your most popular blog posts

Choose 1 that you will practice today!

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