3 Tips on Using Social Media for Direct Response Marketing

What’s the ROI from investing in social media marketing?

Marketing activities are typically divided into:

  1. Branding & awareness
  2. Direct response

The latter is more measurable. You give folks a CTA like:

  • Register
  • RSVP
  • Download

How do you measure the returns from social? How do you connect revenue-generating activities to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and so on?

Today, let us talk about the role of social media in the world of promoting your call-to-actions.

Here are 3 hot stories on generating clicks, sign-ups, registrations, lead magnet downloads, and more!

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3 Stories: Social Media for Direct Response Marketing

Why would you invest in social media?

It’s the thing that everyone does, but what’s the ROI?

Compare that with direct response marketing projects.

You publish a promo. You see the conversion rate.

If the promo does not work, you can determine that you need another formula.

Direct response marketing expects an immediate conversion result like:





Social Media Marketing is typically aimed at branding and awareness, not expecting immediate sales results.

How do we connect the worlds of Social Media Marketing and Direct Response, though?

They sound like two competing concepts.

That is exactly what we are discussing today!

Stay alert! You will get 3 actionable tips in the end.

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We will dive into it as we go through these 3 hot stories around the web 🌐!

Direct Response Social Media with Kim Walsh-Phillips

How to Get More Leads From Social Media

7 Tips for Improving Online Sales Using Social Media

Story #1: Direct Response Social Media with Kim Walsh-Phillips

This is a great summary as Kim Walsh-Phillips specializes in this area!

Here is the MOM system:

M is for Magnetic

O is for OWN the contact

M is for Monetisation


Attract your target customers and repel others. For example, you can post memes that relate to their frustrations.

OWN the contact

Use a lead magnet so they’d give you their contact information. It’s not enough that you can reach them through Facebook. You should acquire their email address.


Drive them into your existing sales process. Keep following up. Use social media as another traffic channel that leads to your sales funnel.

Love the MOM system!

This reaffirms how social media works great for building relationships, but you do not necessarily have to conduct all communications over it.

Your 5-Minute Tip: Check how you are acquiring email addresses from social

After folks discover you on social, you want to OWN the relationship in the form of their email address or phone number.

How are you currently doing that?

Are your relationships held hostage by Facebook and co?

Okay. I feel we almost have enough material, but there’s much more coming at you!

Story #2: How to Get More Leads From Social Media

This is a great, actionable list by Pam Neely!

She recommends:

Adding lead generation CTAs to your social media profiles

Offering lead magnets in your social media posts

Using Instagram and Pinterest (even for B2B)

Optimizing your forms for conversions

Learning from your analytics

Lots of actionable tips right there!

Because social media is a channel for generating awareness, you want to focus on generating a lead.

You want to have a direct line with the lead that’s independent of the rules of Facebook or any other network.

You want to optimize your visibility in order for your followers to get in touch directly with you.

Your 5-Minute Tip: Test your social-to-form experience

Let’s break down what this means…

First of all, you want to make sure that you have your sign-up CTAs on social.

This can be on your bio or a post.

Next, get an actual feel for it. View your social profile, playing the role of your typical audience.

Imagine that you are the prospect and test if the experience makes sense.

Did the copywriting on social set the right expectations? Does the form fulfill the promise from social?

Story #3: 7 Tips for Improving Online Sales Using Social Media

Aaron Orendorff talks about sales!

Here are some highlights:

Provide sales support with the social network’s chat

Enable the audience to talk about their shopping experience

Add a ‘buy’ button on social

Publish content related to the holidays

Your 5-Minute Tip: Post an update that invites a discussion about their shopping experience

Engage your audience on social… regarding their purchasing journey

Ask them about the product they’re looking to buy

Ask them about their shopping experience

By initiating conversations about purchasing, you can use social media engagement to lead towards your ‘buy’ buttons.

Alright! There you have it!

Let’s do a recap of the 5-minute tips!

Check how you are acquiring email addresses from social

Test your social-to-form experience

Post an update that invites a discussion about their shopping

Choose 1 that you will practice today!

Pledge your commitment! Tweet it to me: @AllanCaeg

See you again here next week!