Black Friday Offer: Content Creation Workshop

Black Friday Offer: Content Creation Workshop 

From the desk of @AllanCaeg:

Hey entrepreneur!

I’m a huuuuuuge Black Friday fan. In the past, this day meant gadgets to me. These days, I’m far more interested in deals that help my business grow. I’d like to offer the same to you…

Content Creation Workshop

Craft highly-engaging content… while managing your business performance.

The Problem with Most Content

Tons of spam these days. Feels like social media posts and blogs are published for the sake of making noise, without establishing any real connection. Why? Most pieces of content don’t relate to the founder’s personal stories.

Let’s Produce High-Converting Content

The most charming pieces of content relate to the business’ real journey.
Document, don’t create.
Gary Vaynerchuck
If you look at public figures like Casey Neistat, you’d be surprised how:
  1. They are able to keep publishing
  2. Their content connects with the audience
They keep on publishing charming content because… their lives are interesting… and they publish the interesting bits. See what I mean? You don’t have to ‘make things up’ in order to generate content.

Let’s Get Started

For entrepreneurs out there, I’m offering a 20-minute phone workshop. We will go over:
  1. What your audience finds interesting
  2. Your lessons and accomplishments
  3. Drafting some social media posts

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