Promote Your Offer Page: 3 Ways to Do It (Without Being Annoying)

Let’s look at your marketing funnel.

Somewhere at the top, you have your Lead Generation offer, typically known as the Lead Magnet.

When do you promote this offer? How do you do it?

Even folks who are great at driving traffic and attracting attention do not necessarily generate leads.

Why? We don’t want to be annoying.

On the other hand, you have a business to run.

How do you maximize your following on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever else you’re active and are being discovered?

Last week, we talked about making your website visitors stick. That was about generating leads out of folks who already visited your website.

This time, let’s talk about your audience outside your platform. This is about driving traffic from outside your website towards your call-to-action.

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“It Takes 6 to 8 Touches to Generate a Viable Sales Lead” – Salesforce

Because of this fact, we have to be graceful about our promotions.

Imagine approaching someone at a bar…

The first thing you say is “What’s your number?”

Mmmmm… Too quick, right?

That’s human nature.

Online or offline, we have to be tasteful about asking for the conversion.

Imagine the online equivalent of approaching a stranger at a bar…

How much sense does it make to immediately ask them to drop their email address?

How about immediately asking them to buy your $70 product?

We want to be graceful.

At the same time, we also want to ask.

Tons of celebrities on Instagram, YouTube, etc. are not getting much out of their following.

They’re basically in the “friendzone.”

The audience expects them to share great content without ever asking for anything in return.

Today, we’ll talk about the graceful balance.

Our topic is about promoting your lead magnet outside your website.

Last week, we talked about how to make your website visitors stick.

This time, it’s about driving visits toward your conversion pages.

Stay alert! You will get 3 actionable tips in the end.

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Let’s discuss 3 of the web’s most popular resources on this topic!

5 Tips That Will Boost Your Lead Magnet’s Landing Page Traffic in Two Weeks or Less

10 Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet on Social Media  


Story #1: 5 Tips That Will Boost Your Lead Magnet’s Landing Page Traffic in Two Weeks or Less

5 Tips That Will Boost Your Lead Magnet’s Landing Page Traffic in Two Weeks or Less

Here’s a hot list by Pawel Grabowski of @Beacon_by!

He proposes the following strategies:

Publish a killer guest post on a top industry site

Include a link in Quora answers

Add a link in your email signature

Target long-tail search

He also added the tip of letting your email newsletter subscribers know about your lead magnet.

These are hot tips on how you can drive cold and hot traffic towards your lead magnet!

Whether the audience is new or pre-existing, you could ask them again for their engagement.

It’s just like how Ryan Deiss of DigitalMarketer talks about regular date night.

Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you’ll stop investing in the relationship.

Your 5-Minute Tip: Identify your top traffic sources for your lead magnet conversions.

Do you have your analytics properly set up?

Based on the data you can access, what are the traffic sources of your successful sign-ups?

Are they through social, email, Google, etc?

By getting this information, you will know what channels to focus on.

Story #2: 10 Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet on Social Media  

Here’s a nice list of social media tips from Sophia Dagnon!

She proposes the following opportunities to highlight your Lead Magnet:

Adding your link in bio

Using a pinned Tweet

Having your header graphic to point to it

Use Facebook posts that link to it

Love these social media opportunities!

I find the header banner graphics especially creative.

You really want to focus on your main Lead Magnet at any given time.

Knowing what that is, you can have your homepage, social media graphics, etc. highlight that offer.

Your 5-Minute Tip: List social media bio opportunities to promote your lead magnet

This can be a pinned Tweet, your Facebook Page “About” section, your Twitter graphic, or Instagram bio

Which social network could refer the most traffic to your website?

See how you can add links on your bio.

Why the bio?

If someone is browsing through your profile, they’re expressing interest in learning more about you or your business.

You’re not interrupting them with an ad. They chose to view your profile.

Don’t forget to add referral tracking analytics!


Steve Weiss of MuteSix knows Facebook Ads!

To capture leads, he suggests these opportunities with Facebook Ads:

Using Facebook Lead Ads

Promoting blog posts

Driving traffic directly to your landing page

First, let me highlight the power of Lead Ads.

Since we’re already using their platform to get attention, why not use Facebook’s tech for getting opt ins?

It really helps to understand our traffic channels. If Facebook is a big part of your strategy, you better understand its current rules and capabilities.

Also don’t forget the gracefulness of promoting blog posts.

At first, your intention could be merely gaining awareness.

A great thing about Facebook is retargeting.

You may tag your visitors based on the amount of previous engagement with you.

Later, you may offer ads that go straight to your landing page only if they previously read your blog posts.

This way, it’s like approaching a stranger in a bar. You’re not asking for their phone number within 60 seconds of introducing yourself.

Your 5-Minute Tip: Draft a Facebook Ad creative

Perhaps, this is the first step that will enable you to experiment with ads, if you haven’t yet.

The worst case? That material can be published as an ordinary post or Tweet.

By publishing a post with your Lead Magnet in it, you get an idea of what the UX looks like for your social media followers.

Then, test it out by visiting your profile, pretending as a stranger who found your post.

Do you feel that it’s likely for them to sign up for your Lead Magnet?

Alright! There you have it!

Let’s do a recap of the 5-minute tips!

Identify your top traffic sources for your lead magnet conversions.

List social media bio opportunities to promote your lead magnet

draft a Facebook Ad creative

Choose 1 that you will practice today!

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