Return on Marketing Investment: Quick Wins vs. Long-Term Gains

I remember my very first business experiments.

They solely relied on inbound marketing. This means approaching strangers was out of the question. I’d much rather have them opt-in and volunteer.

I soon realized the mistake I had been making.

Watch this:

A key lesson I’ve learned:

Some projects are designed for quick wins, while others are meant for long-term gains.

While my inbound strategy worked out eventually, I can’t help but think how much faster I could’ve launched had I not been so aloof and naive.

Immediate gratification and long-term investments are polar opposites, but it’s possible to create a balance between both.

For example, I can publish this article… plus pay for traffic in order to get it out there.

Inbound is compatible with advertising and outbound.

It’s a matter of choosing the right mix and understanding the strategy.