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It hit me that content is the way to go…

Having started my career in technology, I always thought about Operating Systems and apps. As a teenager, the vision was to build my own Jarvis, just like Iron Man.

To achieve that, I was deeply, intensely focused on great ergonomics. From the chair I’m sitting on, to the computer’s UI, everything had to perfectly suit me. Much later, I discovered that there’s the name “UX Design” for that whole field. Later, I also ended up trying to build my own Linux-based Operating System. It didn’t end up the way I liked it, but I gained great skills, built shiny things, and made incredible friends.

Fast forward to today.

UI has been commoditized and highly-optimized… not just that actually. UI even has to go away. People want the content, not the “chrome,” or the container that delivers is.

It’s not about a shiny Twitter client. It never has been. It’s about the content of the tweet… This is much more pronounced these days, in a world where UI patterns have been mastered.

The Power of Content

As I’m writing this, I’m about to meet up with a couple of friends. These days, we use messaging apps. I’m not even sure my phonebook is updated with their current phone numbers.

Whenever we meet up with friends, we care about the time and place. Thanks to today’s smartphones, that can be constantly updated. I can ask them where to meet, minutes before I have to be there.

Why? Remember how people used to meet? They had to coordinate days before meeting up, because there was no SMS to send a last minute change of plans. Things were coordinated in person or via snail mail.

There’s a good reason why we’re talking about history. Imagine the Harry Potter world, where you send messages with an owl! If you think about it, all that matters is the right message was sent. Doesn’t matter if it’s face-to-face. Doesn’t matter if you sent mail via an owl. Doesn’t matter if you sent it via SMS. Doesn’t matter if WhatsApp or Messenger or email.

What matters is the content: time and place.

The UI or the messaging mechanism has to get out of the way.


To get me to agree meeting up, there has to be a good story. At this point, I alreay agreed to meet up with my friends so the question is time and place.

But imagine if you’re convincing someone to go out on a date. Imagine if your former coworkers are organizing a party. How do you get people to attend?

Content is different if there’s a story.

Today, I’m meeting up with my friends because there’s a major even in their personal life. Without this story, we’d be procrastinating the schedule, waiting for the next big holiday.

Online, there’s so much boring information.

Imagine the world’s top surgeon. She can be fantastic at her job, but does this mean she’s the best teacher?

Subject matter expertise isn’t enough. If you’re producing content, you also have to move people’s hearts and minds. The best surgeon with poor writing skills won’t go trending online. The 53rd best surgeon with insane storytelling skills can create a viral education video.

Introducing NorthStories.io

In this world where information deliver is commoditized, we need better information.

We need accurate, helpful content. We need them to move hearts and minds.

NorthStories.io’s job is to help Internet entrepreneurs. They’re running a business based on their expertise. Unfortunately, despite understanding the power of content, they’re not storytelling on the web as much as they have to.

They know that Basecamp keeps writing books because thought leadership works. They know that Gary Vaynerchuck publishes an insane amount of content because that grows his business. They know that Buffer acquires customers through their 4 blogs, spanning different topics.

NorthStories.io helps you, the Internet entrepreneur, to turn that expertise inside you into content that will scale. It’s not your job to be a full-time copywriter. It’s not your job to be a full-time blogger or even social media manager.

We’re here to help you build systems that will regularly share your expertise for acquiring prospects and keeping customers.

Follow our journey here!

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