Disciplined Digital Marketing: Build Thought Leadership Habits

Evaluating how to spend your small business’ marketing budget? If you’re in B2B/tech, you’re in the right place. We understand that you have options: spend on advertising, focus on product development, develop customer support systems, etc. There are many ways to spend bandwidth…

We’ll explore how leading businesses take advantage of frequent content publishing and what you can pick up from this discipline.

Why disciplined content publishing matters


Marketing boils down to traffic and conversion.

Digital marketers understand how SEO is nearly synonymous to traffic (particularly for brands that last).

Since SEO initiatives generally take 4 to 6 months before we see results, you should:

  • Be in this for the long run – you’re not abandoning the brand in the foreseeable future
  • You have some funds to invest for delayed gratification
  • Your team has the patience for experiments

If you’re buying into SEO, you understand that great material is more relevant than ever. High-quality content is commandment number one.

There’s no better way to boost your ranking in search engines than to produce worthy content and to be consistent in showing up.

The value of building a brand

Differentiation. Publishing content allows you to establish and showcase what you stand for. These intangibles influence buying behavior. A study shows that 64% of consumers choose brands that they feel aligned with their beliefs and values.

Advocacy. If you happen to be a mission-driven organization, publishing content for the sake of advocating your mission is deemed valuable in and of itself. It helps that this goodwill initiative is pragmatically beneficial for business as well.

Growth mindset & culture

As you learn from experience, share lessons learned with the world, and in return, the world discovers you through content.

Your team is the audience. i.e you publish to tell your team a story (that you are actively developing as an industry/thought leader). Publishing content helps you refine your team’s own understanding and thought leadership.

For many brands, they are their own audience. i.e. they publish to reinforce their own identity.

They keep learning and publishing to establish how they are actively developing their craft. The brand that continuously invests in their thought leadership and marketing eventually wins.

As a professional, you know the KPIs. Celebrate this process of growth regardless of when results become apparent.

As long as you make wise decisions and execute accordingly, call it a ‘win’. Every once in a while, you will enjoy results like closing a big sale or getting higher SEO rankings.

In any case, celebrate your disciplined execution instead of occasional and random results.

Discipline is rewarded

Outcomes happen when they happen.

You don’t trim your waistline overnight. Your monthly revenue goes up when it goes up. Google adjusts your SEO rankings when the algorithm somehow decides that it’s time.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.


Horses drink when they decide to drink. You lead them to water anyway.

Disciplined businesses are the ones that get rewarded. There are lucky businesses as well but hope is not a strategy.

They keep on putting in the reps even when the results don’t appear overnight. They keep on building their product even when the payoff doesn’t happen tomorrow.

For instance, marketing thought leader Seth Godin has been blogging every day. Post number 7,000 was published in 2017 and the archive keeps growing. As a result, he built an unstoppable momentum that continues to position his industry leadership with a footprint that rivals 100x larger organizations.

The principles of disciplined execution apply to any field. Great salespeople relentlessly make phone calls. Elite athletes endure boring practices every day.

Take advantage of the discipline of publishing content. You’ll put in the reps (by publishing posts, launching campaigns, etc.) and eventually reap what you sow.

Over to You

Keep putting in the reps. Keep developing your industry expertise. Continuously publish what you learn and enjoy SEO benefits along the way.

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