3 Tips: Curate Content to Boost Social Media Engagement

Tech entrepreneur, producing content for social media can be expensive. It can also be ineffective. That is why you are careful about investing in social media marketing.

But is that an excuse for you to leave your social media accounts silent? Nope!!

Prospects look at it as a sign of life and social proof.

Here is an easy way to keep your social media accounts active and effective. The answer is to take advantage of content curation.

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3 Stories: How to Curate Content for Social Media Marketing Success

How do prospects judge your brand?

These days, I regularly find comments about how a company does not maintain a blog or update their social media accounts.

The challenge: doing what it takes to keep your social accounts fresh.

For one, social media ROI is not easy to compute.

On top of that… what does it take to keep your social accounts active??

Today, we are exploring one of the easiest ways to keep your feeds updated: content curation.

Here are two key things that make curation valuable:

It is easier and less expensive

You are more likely to share something valuable

Stay alert! You will get 3 actionable tips in the end.

Hello! I’m @AllanCaeg of NorthStories.io

We will dive into it as we go through these 3 hot stories around the web !

Why Content Curation Is an Essential Part of Your Marketing Mix

23 ideas for content curation

10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

Story #1: Why Content Curation Is an Essential Part of Your Marketing Mix

Before diving into ‘how’ you can practice content curation, let’s start with WHY

Joshua Nite nicely laid out 5 reasons:

#1: Fill Your Editorial Calendar

#2: Provide Variety from Promotional Content

#3: Enhance Your Brand’s Credibility

#4: Expand Your Audience

#5: Spark Influencer Relationships

Spot on!

If you think about it, these are the same reasons why we are taking advantage of content like Joshua’s!

Every brand needs to stay active on social.

Every brand needs to be careful with too much promotional content.

Your 5-Minute Tip: check your proportion of self-promotional content

How often do you blog? How often do you Tweet?

In every 10 posts, how many are promoting your offers?

Content curation allows you to have the right mix of educational, inspirational and self-promotional content.

This way, your followers would not feel that you are merely broadcasting your sales promos all the time.

Story #2: 23 ideas for content curation

Cheers to Danyl Bosomworth at SmartInsights!

He outlines:

Where to source content

What kind of content to curate

Where to publish curated content

Here are some highlights:

Look at content from newsletters, as they are more considered

Source from news aggregators like Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop

Curate statistics and research and add your editorial opinions

Curate multimedia like YouTube videos and SlideShare decks

Publish on your blog, newsletter, whitepapers, and social accounts

That was a great rundown by Danyl! Definitely useful for thinking about the complete process, from discovering content to publishing them.

Your 5-Minute Tip: list 5 brands that your audience likely follow

Who are the influencers that are close to your values?

Who would your subscribers appreciate to hear from?

By listing ideas of who to source content from, you gain insight on your brand’s positioning.

After that, select their top stories for you to share to your subscribers!

Story #3: 10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

Cheers to Patrick Armitage at Hubspot!

He listed content discovery tools for beginners and advanced users

Here are some highlights:






This piece reminded me that there are advanced curation tools out there whose pricing information are not even published.

Having said that, focus more on the process than the tools.

When your curation game is on point, that is the time to explore these $500/mo solutions.

At an earlier stage, look at free tools like Pocket, Feedly, and Flipboard.

Your 5-Minute Tip: list your current news consumption tools

Check your smartphone

Check your browser history

Where do you tend to get the latest and most insightful stories?

I strongly advise using your current consumption habits.

As a consumer, you are in the best place to produce content. You know what you’re enjoying.

Compare that to the perspective of someone focused on merely completing work projects. In that condition, you are not in the best mindset to judge what the audience will enjoy.

Alright! There you have it!

Let’s do a recap of the 5-minute tips!

check your proportion of self-promotional content

list 5 brands that your audience likely follow

list your current news consumption tools

Choose 1 that you will practice today!

Pledge your commitment! Tweet it to me: @AllanCaeg

See you again here next week!