Content Topic Idea Generator for Blogs and Social Media: Your Business Experiences

You want to keep publishing.

You’re actively seeking for blog post, newsletter and social media content ideas to consistently spread your brand message online.

I have one big content source to share today: your actual journey.

If you’re in charge of keeping a brand’s online presence active, there’s an ongoing tendency to try too hard. You can come across as inauthentic. You might get too focused on strategy and self-promotion at the expense of publishing quality content.

I suggest two general ways of coming up with content ideas:

  • Reverse-engineering market demand: SEO keywords, forums, FAQs.
  • Reporting what you’re thinking & feeling.

These days, I feel strongly about pushing for what I call “Authentic Content”. If you think about it, it’s funny why this is a thing…. shouldn’t all content be authentic?

Watch This:

It’s simple:

If you’re doing a good job, you’ll have great content.

It’s your job to analyze your industry. It’s your responsibility to keep up to date. You should always be finding a better way.

If you’re doing a good job, you’ll always have something to report.  

What are the benefits of reporting? It’s easier, less expensive, far more personal, and engaging.

Plus, you will perform your actual job far better (since you’ll report about it).

You can actually still match this with market demand. Use SEO tools as a thesaurus to come up with keyword ideas after reporting your actual journey.

For authentic blog post and social media content ideas, I encourage you:

  • Report what you’re feeling strongly about these days.
  • Use that as your blog topic.
  • Match it with SEO opportunities after the fact.