Delegating Content Creation: Why & How to Scale Your Marketing


What does that even mean? Should you be one?

Regardless of how you call yourself, you know 2 things:

  1. Your time is precious
  2. You want to grow your business.

Given those 2 important things, how much of the work should you do with your own bare hands?

It’s simple. If you have ambitions to scale your business and spend more time with your loved ones, you need to take work out of your own hands. You need to hunt down the most time-consuming little things.

Let’s talk about content…

Good web content is like bottled food. Even if the label is good, it’s what’s inside that matters.

You’re a founder. As an entrepreneur, that does not mean that you have to create what’s on the label and the content all on your own. You’re not Superman. You’re a business builder.

In fact, you shouldn’t do it all. If you do, it means you’re performing a job, rather than growing a company. That’s a dangerous bottleneck to your business success.

Your site and social media accounts need to stay alive with new content

Because that’s how people will know more about you and your business. Content grows your reach. People find you through content. Your prospects and customers discover content with a Google Search or browsing through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and all those things.

The lack of new content is perceived by your prospects & customers as a sign of death. Without the pride to share news, there must be nothing exciting going on.

But you have to admit that you’re not personally supposed to be a content machine. You’re supposed to be a recruiter, fundraiser, and salesperson… all in the bird’s-eye view of things. You sometimes have to sweep the floor and write the copy, but that’s not your full-time job.

Ever thought about delegating content creation?

Having someone write your content means that you get to produce more content on a regular basis. And the more content you have, the more leads you are going to generate. You’ll keep popping up on social media feeds. You’ll keep on reminding prospects and customers about your products.

To top it all off, you get more free time to do other things that are also important for your business and your life. Perhaps, you want more time with your spouse. Maybe, you want to travel more often. Likely, you want to run a charity or practice a hobby on the side.

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Why delegating content creation is important

You want to meet with potential clients more often. You want to produce more leverage that you can’t create if you’re a full-time writer.

As CEO, you need to focus on the helicopter view of things. You don’t have to be too busy editing copy. Writing can also take a lot of time. Why not use that time for planning goals or setting policies?

When you delegate content:

1. You can scale what already works.

You know topics your site needs. You only have to be specific about what type of content you want to be written. The writer will be the one to create that for you.

2. You have a consistent publishing schedule.

No need to sit in front of your computer staring at a blank page. Instead, list the idea you have in mind. Specify how you want them written and it shall be done for you.

3. You can venture into other important things.

You just earn from free time. Make use of those times to build bigger and better things for your business. Use it to build your next venture. Use it to conceptualize a new product. Use it to hire staff who will hire more staff who will sell and produce for you.

How you can publish more

1. Repurpose your archive

Go check your old posts. There might be other points there that you can write about. Articles on your site are all related. Refurbish old contents to create new ones out of them.

For example, this article on SMART goal setting can be repurposed into a topic about how businesses can reach their goals. Or best practices when starting a business.

2. Invite guest writers

Guest writing is a win-win situation for both parties. You get new and quality content. In return, they get exposure for their articles. That’s assuming that you can communicate how your audience can benefit the guest.

There are a number of writers who are looking for sites to post their articles to. Check out Facebook groups or forums that guest writers frequently visit to find one or two who will be interested to share their content on your site.

3. Hire 3rd party help

You can hire a freelancer. There’s Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. Make sure that you check writing samples and reviews about the freelancer before you start paying for their service. Set clear expectations. Craft a project with specific scope, budget, and deadline, to kickstart something tangible. Later, you can keep working together if the first stint worked out for both parties.

You can also resort to consultancies and agencies that provide writing services. Unlike working directly with a freelancer, they should take care of management work. Regardless, you want to check their history just like how you’d review freelancer options.

4. Hire an in-house writer

At a level of scale, you want to hire in-house.

This assumes that you have a predictable need for content creation talent and the processes to work with them. Otherwise, that’s an unnecessary expense and it will be a shame if you end up shoehorning your hires to do something else… Worse, you might have to let them go too soon, because you quickly ran out of jobs for them to do.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that you create a system that allows for scale and delegation.

What you need in order to delegate content production
  1. Clarify your audience and their goals. Who is your target persona? What information do you want to convey to your audience?
  2. Communicate these clearly to the writer you will hire. Communication plays a big role so you and your writer are on the same page always.

How winners delegate content production

Neil Patel, a master of delegation, is the co-founder of Quicksprout, Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He gets truckloads of eyeballs with articles and infographics. He hires infographic creators at Dribbble, Fiverr, and Upwork.

Over to you!!

Real entrepreneurs delegate. It’s simple.

If you want a job, whether it’s traditional employment or freelance/consulting basis, keep writing your copy. Keep writing your own code. Keep designing on Sketch or Photoshop. Keep performing all work procedures yourself. That’s ok. Building a business is not for everyone. The risks, pains, and delayed gratification are not for everyone. 

But if you’re telling me that you’re an entrepreneur… If the business has a shot at becoming an enterprise, not your practice of a skill just without the traditional schedule and salary, you need to design a system where you take your hands off the tactical work procedures. You can never grow your business output without developing more resources.

Sure, you should be able to serve as a backup graphic designer. Sure, you can write code as a hobby. Just accept that you need more resources if you want to grow the biz. You can’t create more content if your capacities won’t scale up. It’s basic physics.

At this point, if you’re an internet business builder, you know that you need content to acquire customers. Go list job requirements for getting help to create more content. You might find this service relevant for your needs too.