Visibility Coaching: Content & Social Media Marketing

From the desk of Founder @AllanCaeg:

Hey Internet entrepreneur,

Looking to publish content every week?

You want to reach your prospects and customers regularly. They’re discovering new things on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Are you there???

You already know the importance of content. There’s a good reason why Basecamp has been publishing books. Buffer has smart reasons why they run 4 blogs. Gary Vaynerchuck knows how important it is to build his brand on Snapchat and YouTube.

Why aren’t you growing your audience like the leading business in your industry?

Introducing our Visibility Coaching Program.

With this, we’ll walk you through publishing a piece of content for your business every single week.

The goal is simple: build a system to keep showing up to your prospects and customers.

What’s in the box?

  • We’ll start with a kickoff call
  • Every Monday, I’ll give you a handpicked content idea based on your expertise and what’s trending
  • Every Friday, I’ll check in to ask for the URL of what you published. That can be a blog post, Tweet, YouTube video, or whatever it might be. It just has to show up to the world
  • I’ll comment on your content
  • We’ll do this for 4 weeks

What you really, actually get:

  • The habit of showing up for your customers and prospects
  • Storytelling skills
  • Building systems to ensure that content is published every week (you don’t have to do all the work yourself 😉 )

How much? Normally costs $200/mo We’re running an early adopter promo for $100 for four weeks of coaching.


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