Disciplined Digital Marketing: Build Thought Leadership Habits

Evaluating how to spend your small business’ marketing budget? If you’re in B2B/tech, you’re in the right place. We understand that you have options: spend on advertising, focus on product development, develop customer support systems, etc. There are many ways to spend bandwidth… We’ll explore how leading businesses take advantage of frequent content publishing and … Read more

Content Topic Idea Generator for Blogs and Social Media: Your Business Experiences

Content Topic Idea Generator for Blogs and Social Media: Your Business Experiences

You want to keep publishing. You’re actively seeking for blog post, newsletter and social media content ideas to consistently spread your brand message online. I have one big content source to share today: your actual journey. If you’re in charge of keeping a brand’s online presence active, there’s an ongoing tendency to try too hard. … Read more

Stop Paying for Advertising Before Testing Your Story

Imagine growing a plant. You need to nourish it so it will become a full-grown tree. Just like your business blog. Your digital presence also needs “nourishment” for it to grow. Your brand’s website needs content. It’s a common mistake for most marketers to focus on promoting their sites right away, even if it doesn’t … Read more

3 Ways to Drive More Traffic with More Topics

Entrepreneurs don’t wait for an opportunity to knock on their doors, they build the doors. You want more prospects and leads to discover your business. How do you create more opportunity? SO WHICH OF THESE ARE YOU? You’re a solopreneur with a successful, independent practice: You close deals based on your personal network, but it … Read more

Convert More Leads & Sales: Why and How to Invest In Content Marketing

A company that doesn’t publish new stuff is dying. It’s basically saying that nothing is going on, nothing newsworthy. They’re not growing so they’re probably dying. That’s what your prospects think. I asked a friend of mine about investing in an app… they commented on how they’re concerned because the company is failing to publish … Read more

How to Generate Ideas for Effective Content Marketing

Internet business owner? You’re tired of hearing “content is king“… but find it difficult to keep publishing. You’re looking to generate more leads. Perhaps, that’s the reason why you’re trying to blog consistently. Perhaps, that’s why you’re stepping up your Facebook Page or Pinterest for your biz. You hear this advice over and over and over and … Read more

Hello, World!

It hit me that content is the way to go… Having started my career in technology, I always thought about Operating Systems and apps. As a teenager, the vision was to build my own Jarvis, just like Iron Man. To achieve that, I was deeply, intensely focused on great ergonomics. From the chair I’m sitting on, … Read more