[Guide] Successful Content Marketing: Topic Ideas, Operations and ROI

Guide to Successful Content Marketing: Content Ideas, Execution, ROI

You actively invest in content marketing. Publishing regularly is a key part of your marketing strategy because… well, it works. Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog. – @impactbnd You know the importance of a growing content library. By accelerating content creation, your email list grows … Read more

Return on Marketing Investment: Quick Wins vs. Long-Term Gains

Marketing ROI: Branding & Awareness Investments vs. Advertising & Outbound

I remember my very first business experiments. They solely relied on inbound marketing. This means approaching strangers was out of the question. I’d much rather have them opt-in and volunteer. I soon realized the mistake I had been making. Watch this: A key lesson I’ve learned: Some projects are designed for quick wins, while others … Read more

Authentic Storytelling: How To Create Content for Brand Development

As a brand owner and publisher, I’m learning this lesson myself. This is especially relevant because we create content for clients. You know, it’s easy to be inauthentic when a content calendar needs to be filled. The pressure to meet content marketing goals is real–and ever-present. Scheduled articles need publishing. Social posts need sharing. Plus, … Read more

Be Real: How to Craft Authentic & Engaging Content

Content marketer be real

Digital marketer, are you guilty of publishing for the sake of it? I sometimes am. It doesn’t feel good. We try to balance consistent publishing, business strategy and sharing worthy insights. Occasionally, I hit ‘Publish’ without feeling proud about it… How unfortunate… This is especially relevant today. Social media is super spammy. Your Facebook feed can … Read more

3 Tips on Using Social Media for Direct Response Marketing

Use social media for direct response marketing

What’s the ROI from investing in social media marketing? Marketing activities are typically divided into: Branding & awareness Direct response The latter is more measurable. You give folks a CTA like: Register RSVP Download How do you measure the returns from social? How do you connect revenue-generating activities to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and so … Read more