3 Stories: How to Craft a Customer Journey Map (or Marketing Funnel)

3 Stories- How to Craft a Customer Journey Map Marketing Funnel

Hey, product builder! You care about great User Experience design. You care about conversions. How do you craft a great user journey… while driving your audience down the sales pipeline at the same time?? Inspired by Pirate Metrics, Inbound Marketing Methodology, Customer Value Optimization, and other gold standards; let’s talk about taking your audience on … Read more

3 Stories: How to Craft an Inbound Marketing Campaign

3 Stories- How to Craft an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Internet product builder! Let’s say that your pitch works. You can acquire users by tapping your personal network or performing outbound marketing. If that’s the case, you’re a good candidate for scaling your lead generation. This week’s 3 Stories is about crafting an Inbound Marketing Campaign! The right thing you need to scale your marketing. … Read more

3 Stories: Direct Response Marketing for Startups

3 Stories Direct Response Marketing for Startups

Hey, internet business founder! For this week’s episode of 3 Stories, we’re talking about your oxygen: runway. For you to keep on building products that you care about, you need to earn funds that you’ll invest back in the biz. To focus on selling your hard work, let’s talk about direct response marketing! What’s this? … Read more

3 Stories: How to Sell Your Digital Product (through Stories)

Hey, digital product builder! Ready for this week’s tips for promoting your work? Our theme this week is about stories for sharing your business, whether online or offline. We shared 3 hot topics and tips that you can execute within 5 minutes! ?⏯? Watch the 3 tips now: Transcript: – – How to sell your product … Read more

3 Stories: How to Increase Conversions with Content

Hey, internet entrepreneur! You want your products to be enjoyed by people. More than a hobby, you’re working on a product that’s meant to be your source of livelihood. Let’s get into this week’s installment of the 3 Stories series! This week, we discuss 3 trending stories about boosting your conversions. ▶️?Play the video now: … Read more

3 Stories: How to Validate Ideas (Without Scale)

3 Stories- How to Validate Ideas Without Scale

Hey, internet entrepreneur! This week, we’re kicking off a new series of videos. The theme is around 3 trending stories, along with corresponding tips. Watch this now! Transcript: – – Hello internet business person. We’re going to talk about three trending stories, recent stories, and tips that turn these stories into actionable steps. This is … Read more

Stop Paying for Advertising Before Testing Your Story

Imagine growing a plant. You need to nourish it so it will become a full-grown tree. Just like your business blog. Your digital presence also needs “nourishment” for it to grow. Your brand’s website needs content. It’s a common mistake for most marketers to focus on promoting their sites right away, even if it doesn’t … Read more