3 Tips on Using Social Media for Direct Response Marketing

Use social media for direct response marketing

What’s the ROI from investing in social media marketing? Marketing activities are typically divided into: Branding & awareness Direct response The latter is more measurable. You give folks a CTA like: Register RSVP Download How do you measure the returns from social? How do you connect revenue-generating activities to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and so … Read more

3 Tips: How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

3 Stories: How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Internet entrepreneur, you’re here to build a brand. After initial traction, you’re looking to build awareness far beyond your personal network or folks you can reach through cold messaging. Why? Your product can be delivered remotely. Perhaps, it’s software. Perhaps, it’s a consultancy service that you can deliver to anyone around the globe. The product works. The … Read more

[3 Tips] How to Manage Customer Relationships (Increase Buyer Loyalty)

Technology entrepreneur, you want to deliver great user experience. While you’re at it, you appreciate customer loyalty. In this week’s episode of 3 Stories, we discussed hot topics on how to manage your customer relationships. These are activities that inspire repeat purchases and referrals. Watch the video now: Transcript 3 Stories: How to Manage Customer … Read more