Our Story

NorthStories.io was established due to two reasons: a personal change and a global shift.

The personal reason is based on founder @AllanCaeg’s business preferences. He wanted to build scalable ventures. It turned out that content creation is the common denominator.

The global shift is based on new bottlenecks. NorthStories.io is a team of technology product designers and enthusiasts. As User Experience specialists, we saw new needs and opportunities.

In the past, design was a massive bottleneck. We did not have predictable patterns.

These days, most products are usable… to the point that they are addictive.

New issues came with technological advances. The web is noisy. Products are easy to use. It’s hard to find great content in a see of clickbait.

NorthStories.io is here to:

  • Help technology businesses grow with digital storytelling
  • Produce a great experience for the digital audience