3 Stories: How to Increase Conversions with Content

Hey, internet entrepreneur!

You want your products to be enjoyed by people. More than a hobby, you’re working on a product that’s meant to be your source of livelihood.

Let’s get into this week’s installment of the 3 Stories series!

This week, we discuss 3 trending stories about boosting your conversions.

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– Hello, hello.

Today let us talk about three stories

regarding improving your conversion

through content that inspires action.

We are here for folks who are interested

in getting more people
to enjoy their product.

My name is Allan, I am
from NorthStories.io

and today we’re going to
discuss three trending stories

related to optimizing for conversion.

And let us start with story number one.

How do you design a campaign
for lead generation?

What’s going on here is
you want more customers

and you’re trying to figure
out where exactly to begin.

The idea is increasing sales,
which is a very big idea

and if we break it down in two milestones,

the first would be the generation, right?

The five-minute action that we can execute

to get things done, and this
is the theme of our stories,

we’re always going to get
into something actionable,

a specific tip, for
this one, you can start

by simply listing five ideas of places

where your audience
would tend to hang out.

For lead generation, you
want to drive relevant traffic,

and for your five ideas,
you can list specific forums

where they would want to hang out,

specific interests that
will help you target them

through Facebook, or local
events that they would attend,

including, of course, the
keywords that they would tend

to Google, so you can generate leads.

Story number two.

A popular question online is what type

of social media content converts best?

Now, you want real results,
you don’t just want

the vanity of being
active on social media.

There’s so much noise
on social, both for you

as a producer and even
for you as a consumer.

There’s so much activity,
so many tips, tricks,

hacks .There’s so much
content that you will find

on Twitter, it’s bot fest everywhere.

But at the end of the day,
you don’t want just busy work.

As a consumer, you don’t
just want a busy feed.

You want awareness that will
lead to actual conversion.

To get things done, this
is our five-minute action,

and that is to consume trending content

as if you are an actual
fan… by being an actual fan.

Earlier, we talked about
where your audience would tend

to hang out, but even
more important than that,

you want to consume the way that they do

By consuming like a
fan, you know what works

and what doesn’t.

You wouldn’t have to
validate with your friends

if what you’re doing is
icky, salesy, or awkward.

You’re not just following
hacks from a forum,

you are confident about what you’re doing

because you know the culture.

You are a fan.

So, you can start by looking

for whatever content is trending.

Sort your feeds by the
most upvoted content,

look for top content
through a Twitter search,

or look at trending hashtags.

Just use your favorite
news consumption method

if you are putting yourself
in the position of a fan.

Story number three.

There’s this popular question about

what internal KPIs do designers track?

The mindset here is if you are an artist,

how do you determine if you’ve
done your job successfully?

There’s this term, starving artist.

And the question here is about
balancing passionate building

passionate work, and success metrics.

A big question here is are
we talking about business

or hobbies?

If we’re talking about hobbies,

they are primarily
about your satisfaction.

Sometimes, they would generate income,

but that’s not your primary goal.

But if we’re talking about business,

your primary goal is to
appeal to the market.

How do we get this done?

The five-minute action is: very quickly,

you can brainstorm metrics
that happen to be results.

What do I mean by this?

Here are some examples of results:

Clicks, website visits,
replies to your content,

shares, getting people to
read through your content,

and then ultimately clicking
“Add to Cart” or purchases.

There you have it!

Let’s do a little recap of the three tips.

Number one, you want to list
five places where your audience

would tend to hang out.

Number two, you want to consume
trending content like a fan,

and number three, five-minute action,

you want to list down metrics
that happen to be outcomes,

not just the actual work.

These are things that
happen when they happen

as a result of successful efforts.

Now, which among those
three actions are you going

to practice today?

Tweet me.

My name is Allan Caeg.

You can find me on Twitter
and pledge your commitment,

and then I will hold you accountable.

This has been Allan from NorthStories.io

and keep up over here.

There you have it!

Stay tuned for next week’s episode.