3 Tips on Using Social Media for Direct Response Marketing

Use social media for direct response marketing

What’s the ROI from investing in social media marketing? Marketing activities are typically divided into: Branding & awareness Direct response The latter is more measurable. You give folks a CTA like: Register RSVP Download How do you measure the returns from social? How do you connect revenue-generating activities to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and so … Read more

3 Tips: How to Distribute Blog Posts

As an entrepreneur, you invest in producing great content. After hitting ‘publish,’ what happens? How much of your budget goes to promoting or distributing that content? Today, we will go philosophical: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? – George Berkeley If … Read more

3 Tips: Curate Content to Boost Social Media Engagement

Tech entrepreneur, producing content for social media can be expensive. It can also be ineffective. That is why you are careful about investing in social media marketing. But is that an excuse for you to leave your social media accounts silent? Nope!! Prospects look at it as a sign of life and social proof. Here … Read more

How to Listen to Market Demand Through Social Media and Ecommerce

How to Listen to Marketing Demand through Social Media and Ecommerce

How do you come up with product and feature ideas? As an entrepreneur, you want to validate what you’re building. You want to listen. Through social listening and browsing ecommerce trends, you can perform market research. Watch this week’s episode of 3 Stories: Transcript: 3 Stories: How to Listen to Market Demand Through Social Media … Read more