3 Stories: How to Practice Agile Marketing

3 Stories- How to Practice Agile Marketing

I’m a big fan of agile project management and the whole movement towards running lean. Here’s a big question… how organized is your marketing? As a technology entrepreneur, your product development is likely organized. You might be running kanban or scrum. You are closely looking at project completion. Well, how does your marketing project management … Read more

3 Tips: How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

3 Stories: How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Internet entrepreneur, you’re here to build a brand. After initial traction, you’re looking to build awareness far beyond your personal network or folks you can reach through cold messaging. Why? Your product can be delivered remotely. Perhaps, it’s software. Perhaps, it’s a consultancy service that you can deliver to anyone around the globe. The product works. The … Read more

[3 Tips] How to Increase Your Repeat Purchase Rate

3 Stories- Boost Repeat Purchase Rate

Technology entrepreneur, I know that customer satisfaction is one of your biggest motivations. Fortunately, delivering it is also great for business! For this week’s 3 tips, our theme is about boosting your repeat purchase rate. After investing in brand building and customer acquisition, you want to maximize your existing audience. Watch the video now: Transcript: … Read more