[3 Tips] How to Manage Customer Relationships (Increase Buyer Loyalty)

Technology entrepreneur, you want to deliver great user experience. While you’re at it, you appreciate customer loyalty. In this week’s episode of 3 Stories, we discussed hot topics on how to manage your customer relationships. These are activities that inspire repeat purchases and referrals. Watch the video now: Transcript 3 Stories: How to Manage Customer … Read more

[3 Tips] How to Delight Customers: Boost Retention & Referrals

How to Delight Customers- Boost Retention and Referrals

Hey, technology entrepreneur! We know that you want to provide a great customer experience. As a passionate product builder, you’re running a business to serve a worthy purpose while providing delightful UX in the process. Welcome to this week’s installment of 3 Stories! This time, let’s talk about how to delight your customers. As business … Read more

3 Stories: How to Craft a Customer Journey Map (or Marketing Funnel)

3 Stories- How to Craft a Customer Journey Map Marketing Funnel

Hey, product builder! You care about great User Experience design. You care about conversions. How do you craft a great user journey… while driving your audience down the sales pipeline at the same time?? Inspired by Pirate Metrics, Inbound Marketing Methodology, Customer Value Optimization, and other gold standards; let’s talk about taking your audience on … Read more

3 Stories: How to Craft an Inbound Marketing Campaign

3 Stories- How to Craft an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Internet product builder! Let’s say that your pitch works. You can acquire users by tapping your personal network or performing outbound marketing. If that’s the case, you’re a good candidate for scaling your lead generation. This week’s 3 Stories is about crafting an Inbound Marketing Campaign! The right thing you need to scale your marketing. … Read more