[3 Tips] How to Manage Customer Relationships (Increase Buyer Loyalty)

Technology entrepreneur, you want to deliver great user experience. While you’re at it, you appreciate customer loyalty. In this week’s episode of 3 Stories, we discussed hot topics on how to manage your customer relationships. These are activities that inspire repeat purchases and referrals. Watch the video now: Transcript 3 Stories: How to Manage Customer … Read more

3 Stories: How to Craft a Customer Journey Map (or Marketing Funnel)

3 Stories- How to Craft a Customer Journey Map Marketing Funnel

Hey, product builder! You care about great User Experience design. You care about conversions. How do you craft a great user journey… while driving your audience down the sales pipeline at the same time?? Inspired by Pirate Metrics, Inbound Marketing Methodology, Customer Value Optimization, and other gold standards; let’s talk about taking your audience on … Read more